Seven Tips for a Better Winter with Your Allergy-Prone Youngster

Children with sinus problems may see some changes in symptoms during the winter months. It helps for parents to get ahead of these problems as much as possible. You may want to ask your Pediatric ENT doctor OKC about any changes that should be made for colder months. Here’s some basic information to keep in mind.

  1. Change Your HVAC Intake Filters
    Every home has several HVAC intake filters. If you keep these filters as clean as possible and replace them at three month intervals, you are reducing the allergens that stay active in your home. This is especially important in homes with pets.
  2. Pay Attention to Dry air
    When the heat is on, the air tends to dry out. Your Pediatric ENT professional can tell you if your child could benefit from a humidifier and advise you on which kind to use. Sitting in the bathroom where a steamy shower is running may bring relief for a kid with thick congestion.
  3. Wash Bedding Regularly
    Keeping your child’s bedding dust-free and dry may be harder in the winter but it is also even more important. When you get out winter blankets and throws, wash them before use. A lot of dust and allergens may have accumulated there. You will want to steer clear of perfumed laundry detergent in favor of something that won’t affect your child’s allergies.
  4. Reduce Pet Dander Exposure
    In the winter, your pets may snuggle more. They may stay inside more often. Their hair may change and become denser. This means that parents should reduce exposure to pet dander. Vacuuming and sweeping often is a good defense. Washing blankets more often is also. The best defense may be to create a pet-free zone in your child’s room. If you haven’t talked with your Pediatric ENT doctor OKC about the issue, winter is a good time to discover if your child’s allergies are related to your pets.
  5. Avoid Wood Fires
    For many children with allergies, a wood fire is an irritant. No matter how much fun it is to have a crackling fireplace, this may not be a good idea for a little one. Even outdoors, a child’s breathing can be affected by a campfire.
  6. Pediatric ENT doctor OKCWatch your Child’s Diet
    A dish of macaroni-and-cheese is definitely comfort food. However, dairy can contribute to sinus congestion. Sugar is another culprit. Winter is a good time to watch for triggers and to work hard to avoid them. You’ll want to add berries, leafy greens and other natural antioxidants to help strengthen your child’s immune system.
  7. Monitor How Long Symptoms Last

If your child has a cold or the flu, keep track of how long sinus symptoms last. Sometimes a child’s immune system cannot recover, and this leads to a sinus infection, ear infection or other painful problem. You’ll want to seek help and advice to reduce symptoms and keep the problem from coming back.

The staff at Pediatric ENT is available to work with you and your child on a wide variety of ear, nose and throat issues. Let us know how we can help your child thrive this winter.