Just like adults, kids are susceptible to a wide range of environmental and food allergies. Symptoms of these allergies on the body can include itchy and watery eyes. It can also produce sneezing, stuffy nose, runny nose, scratchy throat, hives and shortness of breath. Other less common symptoms are eye irritations, skin problems such as eczema, and even breathing problems like asthma.

Symptoms of Common Allergies

  • Watery Eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Hives
  • Breathing Problems

Food allergies can cause more serious, sometimes life threatening, reactions. It is imperative that if your child exhibits changes in breathing, alertness, or the presence of a rash you may need immediate care from a physician. Allergic reactions can be caused by a variety of different foods including nuts, fish and dairy products.PedENT-Girl-Nose-2-Sub-Orange

The team at Pediatric ENT of Oklahoma can help diagnose you children’s allergies to determine the types of allergens causing reactions and the severity.

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