Ear Deformities

Non-Surgical Treatment
for Congenital Ear Deformities

Pediatric ENT of Oklahoma utilizes InfantEar™ technology to effectively treat congenital ear deformities, preventing the need for surgical intervention in a safe and comfortable way.

Treatable Deformities

These common deformities of the ear are often treatable using ear molding if applied within the first few weeks of life:

  • Helical Rim
  • Stahl’s Ear
  • Cryptotia
  • Constricted Ear
  • Cup/Lop Ear

Early intervention is critical. Custom-fit to each patient while in-office, molding takes only 2-3 weeks if initiated within the first few weeks of life.


Key Benefits

  • Alternate to surgical intervention
  • Simple, quick in-office application
  • Custom-fit for each patient
  • Soft materials for safety/comfort
  • Short treatment timeline – only 2-3 weeks of molding required if initiated early
  • Less costly than surgical intervention, which is rarely covered by insurance