Pediatric ENT of OKLAHOMA Announces Awards for Outstanding Teachers

Oklahoma City, OK – January 2018 – Local pediatric ear, nose and throat specialty clinic Pediatric ENT of Oklahoma announces monetary grants to reward exceptional teachers. Through a process of nomination, ENT of OKLAHOMA will select from a pool of candidates for this reward.

The impetus for this award stems from the failure of recent legislative action that would have given a $1000 raise to all teachers in the state. Despite this setback, Pediatric ENT of OKLAHOMA wanted to display its support of education in the State of Oklahoma and its appreciation of the wonderful and self-sacrificing teachers that contribute so much to the quality of learning for our local youth.

Instead, the clinic will, as a private entity, take action to help improve the level of public education in Oklahoma by providing a $1,000 grant to three high-quality educators.

In phase 1, Pediatric ENT of OKLAHOMA will accept submissions of worthy nominees from the general public, parents and their fellow teachers. Phase 2 will select 15 finalists based on information received and number of times a teacher was submitted in phase 1. Finally, three winners will be announced to complete the process. These winners will receive the money at a ceremony to acknowledge their accomplishments.

The prize is a well-deserved award for hard-working educators in the State of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma State Department of Education reported that as of Oct 1, 2017, 694.816 pupils attended public school in the state. Two-thirds of a million kids is a huge number and represents the societal and economic future of the region. Our local teachers put their all into helping children reach their potential to the benefit of us all. They are often underappreciated and underpaid, given their key role in the development of one of society’s most precious resources, its newest generation. Pediatric ENT recognizes their importance and wants to reward their dedication to our children.

Giving back has long been a part of the core values of Pediatric ENT of Oklahoma, and there is no surprise to the way the clinic feels tied to its community. It takes pride in its local roots, and has offices throughout the state, including two in Oklahoma City, an office in Norman and in Lawton. Pediatric ENT of Oklahoma is acting on a deep desire to bring high-quality health and medical care to as many of the children of Oklahoma as possible.

Crowning a winner will be tough, but Pediatric ENT’s three-phase process will help select worthy teachers. From now until March 31st at 11:59 pm, parents, teachers and local residents can visit submit the name of worthy teacher and list reasons that their candidate deserves this honor.

On April 9th, phase two begins. Pediatric ENT will announce fifteen finalists, who have been selected by virtue of the number of selections received and the reasons given by those that nominate them.

Visitors to can cast their vote for the winner from among the finalists between April 9 and April 29th 11:59 pm. Each visitor can vote once an hour.  Make sure to get your votes in.

Pediatric ENT will announce the three winners on May 1st. Every vote will count, but votes are only part of the story. Pediatrics ENT will weigh the reasons and information that was submit with the total votes as an important part of the consideration. The decision will be made based not just on who are the most popular teachers, but why the teachers are respected and esteemed.

The Teacher Appreciation Award is a new tradition for Pediatric ENT of Oklahoma, and they hope to implement more programs like it. For more information, including contest rules and exclusions, or to submit a name for consideration, visit the Pediatric ENT of Oklahoma’s Teacher Appreciation Award page at: