Hello! My name is Maria Ward Mangold, and I am a graduate of Norman High School, Oklahoma City University, and the University of Oklahoma. I am the band teacher for 6th-12th graders at Crooked Oak Middle and High Schools in SE Oklahoma City. I’m married to an amazing spouse; together we have two doggies, and we hope to have children in the near future.

I am in my 6th year teaching band, and I LOVE it! My students are truly amazing, and never cease to inspire me. I strive to provide a safe, challenging space for learning while also also encouraging the use of music as a creative outlet. I believe the arts are very important, as they can bridge all language barriers, economic, and cultural differences. I’ve always believed that- regardless of socioeconomic status, physical or intellectual ability, culture, or creed- anyone can learn, and anyone can expand their learning growth through music. I am honored to have the opportunity to offer students at Crooked Oak the gift of music every day.